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Specializing in General Cinical Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatric Evaluations and
Expert Consultations in civil & criminal cases at the interface of Psychiatry and Law

Psychiatric Practice - based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -

Forensic Psychiatry Services Provided Nationally

For forensic psychiatric evaluations referrals only by attorneys, courts, insurance companies or employers*

Universities, Associations, Academic Organizations, Publications on Line...

- American Psychiatric Association

- Tulane University Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program

- Added Qualifications in Forensic Psychiatry

- Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program at UC Davis and link to the Program Director

- University Institute of Psychiatry and Law. Cincinnati, OH

- The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

- The American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

- A Comprehensive and Easy to Navigate Site from your Psychology Guide Dr. Shelly Wu

- A comprehensive online resource for forensic psychology

- National Library of Medicine

- PhRMA-Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers in America

- on the Internet

- American Board of Medical Specialties

- American Psychological Association

- American Psychological Society

- Asian American Psychological Association

- American Psychoanalytic Association

- Departments of Psychiatry on the Internet

- VA-Yale Schizophrenia Research

- Affective Disorders Association

- Brain and Mind Magazine

- Magazine/Psychiatric Times

- Periodicals in Psychology and related fields

- Canadian Psychiatric Association

- United Kingdom/Pediatric Psychology

- Harvard Medical Web

- Drug and Alcohol Information/National Clearing House

- United Kingdom/Mental Health Foundation

- World Federation for Mental Health

- Psychology Magazine and Self Help

- Sheffield, England/Center for Psychotherapeutic studies

- University of Alaska. Re: Death Penalty

- Death Penalty Information Center

- The Corrections Connection

- National Archive of Criminal Justice Data

- Diminished Capacity Page

- Bazelon Center for Mental Health

- Pennsylvania Legal Information Network

- Mental Health Legal Advisors Committee

- Online Symposia for Mental Health Professionals

- "Prevention & Treatment"a peer-reviewed electronic journal published by American Psychological Association

- Bereau of Justice; Statistics

- Links to Federal statistics data

- Murray social science archive

- "The Shrink Tank"-Psychological testing instuments

- Buros Institute of Mental Measurements

- Legal Information Institute

- Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine

- American Mental Health Diagnostics

- JCAHO/Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

- National Committee for Quality Assurance

- Internet Dictionary of Mental Health

Behavioral Health Care Information and Referral Sites

- MCP Hahnemann Faculty Practice Plan

- Paul A. Nidich - Attorney, Expert Witness, and Expert Referral Service. Cincinnati, OH

- Find-a-Therapist

- Behavenet

- - UK-based site providing free resources in counselling and psychotherapy

Expert Witness Directories



- Zeno's Forensic Sciences and Information Site


- Hieros Gamos

- ExpertLaw

- CounselQuest

- Expert Witness Network

- FindLaw

- Lawyers Homepage

- LawGuru and compliments of LawGuru- "Legal Forms"

- LawInfo

- Artel's Directory

- Noble Group

- FindLaw - Legal Search Engine


- AELE-Expert Directory


- Mark Levy, M.D. FAPA,
Practicing Psychiatrist and Expert Witness. Practice based in California.

- Alpine Clinic - Steven H. Berger, M.D.
Indiana based Forensic Psychiatrist in Private Practice

- William Reid, M.D., M.P.H.,FAPA, FACP, FRCP
Dr. William Reid's Forensic Psychiatry Practice and Resource Page. Texas.

- Reed S. Oxman, M.D.
Emergency Medicine-Clinician and Expert Witness

- Yolonda Bourgeois, M.D., FACEP.
Emergency Medicine and Medico-Legal Consultant

- Paul R. Perchonock, M.D.
Educator, Practitioner in Emergency and General Medicine, and Medico-Legal Consultant

- Barton W. Butterbaugh, M.D.,FACEP, FACFE, DABFM
Expert and Medico-Legal Consultant in Ambulatory and Emergency Medicine

- James M. Seltzer, M.D. / Indoor Hygienic Technologies Corporation
In practice of Allergy and Immunology, Enviromental Medicine, and Medico-Legal Consultant
with specific interest in "How the Indoor Environment affects Health"

- Bernard G. Slavin, PhD
Anatomy Educator and Expert Forensic Anatomy Witness

- Alan Barbour, PhD, CLB, DABFE
Alan Barbour 's Forensic Toxicology Page

- Brian Heller, PhD
Consultant and Expert Witness in the area of Managed Care/HMO Liability

- Richard C. Rosenberg, M.D.
Practicing Orthopedic Surgeon and Expert Witness

- Robert L. Tomsak, M.D., PhD
Clinical Neuro-Ophtalmologist and Medico-Legal Consultant

- Mathew D. Gold, M.D., FAAEM
Clinician and Medico-Legal Consultant in Neurology, Electrodiagnostic Medicine, and Behavioral/Cognitive Neurology

- Clinical and Forensic Psychiatry Practice.
Forensic Psychiatry Practice - based in Philadelphia - Services provided nationally



- Insanity Defense / Criminal Responsibility - Competency to Stand Trial - Diminished Capacity -
- Capital Sentencing / Mitigation - Sex Offenders - Violence Risk Assessments - Malingering -
- Suicide Risk Assessments - Medicolegal Issues in Correctional Psychiatry - Juvenile Transfer -
Testamentary Capacity / Undue Influence - Competency to Make a Will -
- Disability Evaluations / Independent Medical Evaluations - Discrimination -
- Workers' Compensation - Personal Injury / Psychiatric Harm -
- Psychiatric Malpractice / Standards of Care / Medical Record Review -
- Americans with Disabilities Act / ADA - Sexual Harassment - Workplace Violence Assessments -
- Testimonial Capacity / Competency to Testify as a Witness -
- other forensic, mental health and law related assessments -

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tel. 215 938 7227; fax. 215 938 7474

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*For forensic psychiatric evaluations referrals only by attorneys, courts, insurance companies and employers. The evaluator retains the right to refuse to become involved in a case for undisclosed reasons. Please do not send any confidential information until professional relationship has been established. The information provided on this site merely provides basic framework, and does not intend to cover all the specifics and nuances of the evaluation process and report preparation. I make no claims, promises or guarantees about the completeness or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this website and its associated sites. Nothing on this site constitutes legal or medical advice. If you require legal advice or service, please contact an attorney.