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These evaluations can be requested by the worker's compensation boards. In the cases when the administrative decision is appealed to the court, evaluations can be requested by the defense or plaintiff attorney.
Evaluations reflect administrative practice guidelines, statutory definitions and case law in a given jurisdiction.
*Requests for forensic evaluations for individuals involved in the treatment ( i.e in the capacity of doctor-patient relationship) with the evaluator (presently or in the past) will not be accepted. However, if this evaluator is subpoenaed for testimony for patients involved in treatment (i.e. in cases where doctor-patient relationship has been established) it must be done with the waiver by the patient of testimonial privilege, and with understanding that such testimony inherently cannot be qualified as impartial or as a substitute for an objective forensic evaluation. In such cases no opinions will be provided regarding prognosis, need for future treatment and associated costs.
The party making the request for evaluation should expect the report to address the following areas:

The party making the referral is responsible for providing the necessary collateral information for the preparation of the report.

*For forensic psychiatric evaluations referrals only by attorneys, courts, insurance companies and employers. The evaluator retains the right to refuse to become involved in a case for undisclosed reasons. Please do not send any confidential information until professional relationship has been established. This summary merely provides basic framework, and does not intend to cover all the specifics and nuances of the evaluation process and report preparation. I make no claims, promises or guarantees about the completeness or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to this website and its associated sites. Nothing on this site constitutes legal or medical advice. If you require legal advice or service, please contact an attorney.

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